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Lucky Nominees of Seed Fund Award in Malta!

This year’s Awards saw 50 projects apply with combined requests worth close to €1M. There was a significant increase both in number and quality of the applications as compared to 2014, and the judges had a tough time selecting the top projects. In the end 11 ideas requesting a total of €181,000 were shortlisted based on a variety of criteria.

The TAKEOFF Seed Fund Award 2015 is accounts for €100,000 this year and it seeks to support grass roots projects where the award will make a significant step change.

“There is much potential and other funding is being actively sought to support interesting and worthy projects going forwards…”  (c) Andy Linnas, TAKEOFF Business Incubator Manager.


Wish the shortlisted start-ups luck for the final pitches on 6th July:


  • Briiz – Making cleaning a breeze. Briiz is an On‐Demand Yacht washing service, allowing Yacht owners to simply and effectively book a cleaning of their yachts through an online platform.
  • Magigoo. The 3D printing adhesive. An adhesive specifically designed for 3D printing, Magigoo™ addresses the problems associated with the current, available technology.
  • Hints Mapper. HintsMapper is a web, annotations-based creator of training tutorials.
  • Bum a Lift. A platform for sharing common resources and improving the utilisation of the private transport network and significantly reducing the number of vehicles on the road.
  • Studio Fondue. Studio Fondue is a start-up indie game studio that specialises in producing choice-based and story-driven adventure games.
  • Wormiculture. Wormiculture are seeking to develop a sustainable and commercially viable vermicompost process that will bring about a disruptive change in the quality of Maltese soil and offer local crop producers an ecologically sensitive fertiliser management system.
  • TED – The Educational Toy. TED is a palm sized, versatile robot aimed at teaching young students how to code and interact with hardware.
  • SWOT. SWOT makes it easy for firms to find, nurture and hire Students With Outstanding Talent.


Proof of Concept projects support commercialisation of technologies developed at the University:

  • Commercialisation of a flight optimisation tool. Deployment and testing of technology that optimises an aircraft’s trajectory, resulting in fuel savings and reductions in emissions.
  • Fluorescent Molecular Probes for Sensing pH and pE in Living Cells. Molecular engineering and study of new molecular fluorescent probes as tools for disease diagnosis in living cells.
  • Micro-CHP. Continued development and testing of a combined heat and power (CHP) generator for household use.The device simultaneously produces electricity and useful heat, increasing the overall efficiency of energy generation from about 35% to more than 85%.

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