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How to attract a top talent to your venture?

Tips from Deborah Webster (17.06.15)

Years of “field work”, own methodology and passion makes Deborah Webster a guru in a field of finding talents. Deborah is also willingly sharing her “know how” and we had a great opportunity to meet her on one of the Startup Events in Malta. Here are some take-aways from this inspiring event!

About Match-making

  • People think their problem is to find right talent, but actually a challenge is finding Characters for Businesses with principles.

About Businesses

  • Business has to have a Compelling hook – why does this business matter?
  • One thing is to define Companies Values, Purpose and Philosophy; another one is – follow it.
  • Business should have compelling partners.

About Recruiting

  • As a Business owner you should understand that when you employ people, you pay them to turn up at the office and they are “donating own heart and soul” afterwards.
  • Employ people, who are not sneaky, but straightforward. People around you should be able to assess you realistically and truthfully give you feedback.
  • When employing people, you should be honest and communicate clearly all the risks and opportunities. That is especially important for start-ups. People have different level of risk propensity and you want to have suitable people on-board.

About Mapping

  • Mapping – when searching for the right talent, one have to create an image of this person and then think where to look for this particular person, where he or she might reside in what universe (networks, locations, institutions, boards…). Ask yourself who can introduce you to suitable people, who might have contacts?
  • Understand, what track record the person should have to deliver result for you and search accordingly.
  • Build your network and leverage on it.

About Acquaintance

  • May be a person is not even thinking of taking/changing a job, ask him or her “Are you happy at the position you are? What is a compelling scenario for you”? – give something to think about.
  • Ask about their “story” – all the good things about how their character and their values were shaped are in there. You are looking for competence, but you also is looking for THE character.
  • You might have a first impression about a person, but assume your intuition is wrong – try to prove yourself wrong, be curious.

About the Process

  • Regardless recommendation – go through the whole process
  • Always do reference checking (3 min)
  • “Even doubt – leave it out”

About Employees

  • On board people properly – they are more important then anyone outside!
  • See and know, what makes them tick.
  • You don’t want people to be J-ust O-n B-oard.

About Great Managers & Leaders

  • They are usually great human beings – extraordinary characters
  • They Love what they do. They are craftsmen in the field– exceptional experts
  • They have had a mentor
  • They care about people