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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Startup’s Use Cases

In the world obsessed with collecting data – we turn to Artificial Intelligence to make sense of it. In the world obsessed with connectivity – we create networks even for things.  What would happen if we combine both and create an intelligent network of things? If you are a Sci Fi fan, such as Dr. Abdalla Kablan himself, you might already have guessed what would  a worth case scenario look like – just one word – “Skynet“.

In his recent publication for Techcrunch “AI is not a threat to humanity, but an Internet of ‘Smart’ Things may be!“, Dr Kablan discusses what is intelligence and conscience and whether we can create one (other then by giving birth). We had a great pleasure to meet Abdalla Kablan on one of the TAKEOFF business incubator events in University of Malta and get involved in the conversation about IoT, AI, Machine learning and his startups.

Abdalla Kablan in the TAKEOFF Business Incubator
Abdalla Kablan in the TAKEOFF Business Incubator, University of Malta

Dr. Kablan is a CTO and a founder of 2 startups in Malta that use AI and machine learning:

  • Sheduit – networking and business “match making” tool that facilitates building beneficial business relationships. Using AI algorithms Sheduit analyses your business profile and behaviour online and suggests people around you that you should meet/connect with. Later on based on you behaviour the algorithm learns your preferences and “calibrates” suggestions accordingly.


  • Hippo Dataa newly developed big data predictions engine which utilises proprietary pattern recognition and machine intelligence tools to analyse social, economic and financial events using social media and market data.” The algorithm for instance can analyse behaviour of best performing traders on the stock market, learn from the data and then be used as an automated trader, that can perform transactions at a very high frequency.


Thinking about Skynet, Dr. Kablan urges everyone involved in creation of AI and IoT to be responsible and conscientious and go that extra mile to create safe future for all.

“As responsible developers of technology, we may want to ensure that our comfort-driven instincts do not take precedence over our larger commitment to inclusive economic growth, more compassionate societies and a better world at large.”


Read more @ Techcrunch –

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