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Silicon Valletta – Club for CEOs and Founders of Digital Startups in Malta

Presentation of Silicon Valetta Club for Startup founders in Malta during ZEST 2016

Silicon Valletta – is a Club for CEOs of Digital companies and Startup founders in Malta, its aim is to fill in the gap in the startup ecosystem in Malta – to act as an entity to speak with government and authorities and promote Malta abroad.

During  ZEST – the biggest digital conference in Malta, Silicon Valletta club founders and first members were discussing why they have chosen Malta to run a Digital Business and why Silicon Valletta Club was formed.

Silicon Valletta Club, Malta, ZEST 2016

Silicon Valletta Club, Malta, ZEST 2016

Reasons to start your digital company in Malta

Malta offers a great “package” for anyone who would want to start and run a digital business:

  • One of the most pleasant things is a culture of work-life balance and also a possibility to maintain one – LEWIS HOLLAND, DiscountIF
  • Maltese people are very loyal, they will stay with your company for life –  family type culture is very common at work  and friendship is also very deep and long lasting. – STEPHEN CHETCUTI BONAVITA, Altaro Software
  • Climate – 300 sunny days a year – JACK CATOR, Privax Ltd.
  • Runway for the company, standard and cost of leaving, cost of running a startup in Malta is just 1/3 or 1/4 of cost in UK.
  • Regulation  – easier to approach authorities – CHRIS KAYE, Sherpa MSL
  • Environment that is nurturing entrepreneurs and startups, vibe, government support and subsidise.
  • English language (big +) – KRIS JES PETERSON, CannonBall Invest
Silicon Valletta Club, Malta, ZEST 2016

Silicon Valletta Club, Malta, ZEST 2016

How does Silicon Valletta Club help founders and CEO’s of digital companies

  • It gives an opportunity to bounce ideas with like-minded people from different backgrounds;
  • Rise awareness – Malta is not only about iGaming and startups create job places, growth of economy etc – KRIS JES PETERSON, CannonBall Invest
  • Being entrepreneurs could be a lonely experience. Having a team that shares similar problems – that’s great support.
  • As a group we can contribute to the community by “lobbing” interests of smaller companies – regulations were created for bigger companies and one can not compare startup with industry dinosaurs – there is a need to create some differentiation and Silicon Valletta has an ambassadorial role in it – CHRIS KAYE, Sherpa MSL
  • Malta is small enough and we can really make a difference. For example, it can take a year to open a bank account for a startup – that should be changed – JACK CATOR, Privax Ltd.
  • Silicon Valletta is actively supporting a tax back initiative for startup investments. Although Malta offers a very attractive income tax rates for non-residents, the problem is that company income tax for locals goes up to 35%  – STEPHEN CHETCUTI BONAVITA, Altaro Software
  • To put Malta on digital map and make Malta more agile, as well as to promote startups within Malta – there are a lot of wealthy people, but not many investors here – LEWIS HOLLAND, DiscountIF
Join Silicon Valletta Club

Join Silicon Valletta Club

If you would like to know more, contribute or join Silicon Valletta club – check out its Facebook group, or contact Simon Azzopardi – the president of the club.


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    Hello, I will arrive there in two weeks. I´ve been working with cinema, and I learned that in Malta this area has improved, I have and idea to commercialize this with tourist. How can I become a member? And if is possible receive some orientation from you.
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