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Maltese startups you need to know about!

(Published and written for Life as an investment project, by Anastasiia Linnas)

Have you heard anything about Maltese start-ups? I believe you will soon, as Malta has a goal to become one of the major start-up hubs in Europe. There is a range of start-ups emerging form this small island and in this article I would like to tell you about the most significant ones that contribute to development of start-up DNA in Malta.

Very similar to Estonian start-up scene with Skype being in the centre of it, Maltese start-up eco system is forming around GFI Software.

GFI_Software_logoGFI Software is now a global IT company with approximate valuation of $500million (in 2013), one of its quarters is located in Malta and a lot of development have been done on the island. GFI probably is the most known for it’s TeamViewer product (acquired by Permira in 2014), as well as security, anti malware and cloud services.


AltaroOne of the most successful start-ups in MaltaAltaro was founded in

2009 by two ex-managers @ GFI – David Vella & Stephen Checuti Bonavita, together with Simon Attard & Julian Pace Ross. The Company is offering virtual backup solutions for SMEs. During it’s first 3 years on the market Altaro managed to acquire 10000 users.


RawstreamRawstream – the only Maltese start-up that went through an acceleration program in Seedcamp UK. Prior to Rawstream its founder Brian Azzorpardi had been working in GFI Software for 11 years. Rawstream offers SAAS web filtering solution primarily for SMEs and public sector. It’s a unique tool that combines security, permission management, monitoring and control functions.


trackerbird-logo-largeFounded in 2010 by ex-employees of GFI (Keith Fenech, Clifford Farrugia, Anthony
), Tracker bird The Company is offering software analytics tool with various features that allow to track user activity, installations, receive in-app feedback and more. was also very close to get into Seedcamp program.


Those 3 start-ups are the first “children” of GFI and today they are actively helping the next generation of start-ups offering mentorship, sponsorship, internships and more.

As always, I can’t restrict myself to only 3 start-ups, so here are couple of very promising Maltese start-ups that have raised significant seed investments:

Mighty BoxMighty box and B. Game just this year have introduced a board game – Posthuman that raised more than $340.000 on Kickstarter (Read more). Even if you are not table games fan, I would still suggest watching their promo video – it’s really cool!

DiscountIfdiscoutIF is applying expertise from Maltese gaming industry and is bringing a new shopping model to the market. DiscountIF offers a chance to get up to 100% money back for your online purchase in case you win the bet (Read more). DiscountIF was one of the semi-finalists in the Pitch to Rich competition of Virgin Airlines and Richard Branson, they also have raised more than $400.000 in 3 rounds of investments.

ReactaReaQta – very promising IT Security start-up that received $300.000 as seed investment. Guys behind the Company have decades of experience developing malware and antiviruses. They came up with a disruptive technology – security system that sits outside your OS.



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