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Beewits – Maltese startup that helps web designers spend less time on admin work.

Creating websites should be a very straightforward process. But if you’re a web creative, a freelancer, or working within a small agency, you know this is not the case. BeeWits was created by the marketing agency Switch Digital to eliminate all the headaches in the process.

Beewits have we’ve already released  web design quote generator, our hourly rate generator and we’ll see be releasing a free web design proposal generator along the same vein. Some of the tools have been featured by LifeHacker, CreativeBloq, DesignTaxi, CoDrops and Fast.Co Design

Creatives should enjoy creating

So what are some of the issues web designers face daily that stop them from focusing on creating beautiful sites:

  • Taking forever to start a new project – Populating empty task lists with the same set of complex to-dos was a huge waste of time.
  • The lack of confidence, the double-checking – That lurking fear that you’re forgetting something.
  • Communication Overload. The client. The team. The countless emails back and forth to keep everyone updated.

All of this admin work can be automated to leave more time for the work one actually enjoys. Here’s how BeeWits solves those problems:

  • One can start a new project in minutes. BeeWits has task templates created by other designers– you simply drag and drop the ones you need.
  • More than intuitive – it’s predictive. BeeWits knows the steps of most web design and other creative projects before you’ve even thought of them, so you always know what to do next.
  • All in sync – BeeWits allows to add clients as an observer account, so they can track progress and keep your inbox clear. Plus, full communication features and progress tracking the full team in check.

BeeWits has a lot of ideas and tools in the pipeline, after all it’s quite fresh Maltese startup.   The startup has recently launched an  affiliate program and is now also looking for investment to support marketing activities, customer base growth and third-party integrations.



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